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Finding the Ultimate Randonneuring Bike - Part 2

Well, I've begun my research. First I searched on the Internet for "Bike Fit Calculator". I wanted to learn what measurements on my body are important in determining bike geometry. Using this website: and Bill's help I made the following measurements:

Inseam: 35.875 inches
Trunk: 26.875
Forearm: 14.5
Arm: 27.25
Thigh: 25
Lower Leg: 22.9
Sternal Notch: 61.1
Total Body Height: 73.75

Finding My Ultimate Randonneuring Bike

In the Summer of 2010 I rode my first randonneur event called a Populaire. This ride was organized by Pat, Crescent City Randonneurs. It was a 100K, about 70 miles, from the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, along the Mississippi River levee to Laplace, LA. This was not a race, although it was a timed event. It had control points where you have a store clerk sign your route card. It was fun but I wasn't sure I wanted to become a "randonneur" and ride even longer distances. I just liked getting out on my bike and go on day rides with friends.


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